Our company has been operating since 2006 in Bandar Penawar. Starting in 2006 until now the company has been prolific technique allows the residents to get a driver's license, where our company has a permit issued by the Road Transport Department, which permits the company is no reference J1024 approved by the Licensing Committee Malaysian Driving Institute West. Our company is equipped with a building with offices, rooms for courses and training circuit and a driving test. Where we have 3 classrooms and 1 special room for RTD officers (Secretariat RTD). Candidates who have managed to obtain a driving license was estimated at twenty thousand (21,000) people ever since the company was founded. This amount also includes candidates who are switching from other driving schools. Our company has been monitored by the Department of Transportation District RTD on 7/02 / 2011.15 / 11/2011, 25/05/2012, 09/06/2012, 04/09/2013, 08/10/2013, 04/03 / 2014 and 08/14/2014 for circuit conditions, quality of work and office management. Results are very encouraging of them. We provide training and testing for all classes such as motorcycles, cars, trucks and advanced training.